Who is the worst QB in the AFC East? ?

Oct 2011
henne, i remember when henne spoke of tebow as a very bad Qb, and how he would not be very good, and everyone was praising Henne for his wonderful critic....i am not saying Tebow is great , but henne should just have shut it, now he is in total jeopardy of losing his job.
Feb 2009
I'd have to say Sanchez. He has the least upside of any of the QBs, and if I had to plug in any of the three QBs to go out and "win a game" for me, he'd be my last choice.


Jan 2008
its not really a toss up... its henne. but hes not god awful like people make him out to be. hes just not that good.
Jun 2011
After years of proving he's the suck, somehow Henne is still starting. Proves to me Miami's coach (Not even going to attempt to spell his name here) has not a clue what he's doing.