Who will win the AFC East and BQ?

Who will win the AFC East this year? (Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, or Jets)
BQ: What will the standings and records of the AFC East be this year?
My prediction:
1. Patriots...14-2---Tom Brady proved to me that no matter how bad their defence is, they could still win 14 games.
2. Jets...11-5---They played a sloppy game against the Cowboys, but nevertheless, the still beat Tony Romo and the Jets always find a way to win games.
3. Bills...8-8---I think beating a team that went to the playoffs last year on the road was a huge accomplishment for this team. They are also playing the Oakland Raiders home next week so they could start the year 2-0. While I don't think they will make the playoffs, 8-8 seems like a pretty good bet for the Bills this year.
4. Dolphins...4-12---Their defense has looked absoultly awful so far this year and they are getting ready to face a huge offensive team with the Houston Texans so they can easily start the year 0-2 and both games are going to be losses at home. I think the Dolphins will be in the Andruw Luck sweepstakes, but just miss out.
Oct 2009
The Bills will win the AFC East.

why? because I am a gigantic homer and overreact to one victory.

Final Standings
Bills 16-0
Patsies 2-14
Jests 2-14
Fish 2-14
Apr 2010
I'm looking at
NE 16-0
NYJ 13-3
MIA 12-4
BUFF 10-6

I think the AFC East is the conference with much improved teams. But the Patriots are playing for Myra Kraft this year. And something to prove to all the naysayers.

I was laughing at the pregame show when they were saying tom Brady hasn't won a SB in X years. the Jets have gone way longer.
Patriots 12-4, Jets 11-5, maybe 10-6....the other teams do not factor in.

14-2 is a phenomenal record, considering road games and a few "easy" games that they don't absolutely have to win. And that's assuming no injury, and Brady starts every game.

I see both teams in the post season.
Nov 2007
Patriots 14-2
Jets 10-6
Bills 7-9 (I hope Fitzpatrick solidifies that QB spot... I don't know why but I've always liked him"
Dolphins 5-11

Patriots finally get over the post-season slump, while beating the Jets.