Who will win the AFC East Division?

Sep 2007
As of late the Patriots have been looking a little on the old side. I have them placing second in the division a game behind the Jets and two ahead of the Bills. None of these teams will have many losses only against each other. Strongest division in the AFC. So i have them: Jets, Patriots, Bills, and falling of the pace strongly the Dolphins.
Sep 2011
Jets 12-4 (3rd seed)
Patriots 11-4-1 (5th seed)
Bills 9-6-1(on the bubble until week 16, then miss their chance)
Dolphins 5-11(pretty bad all year long, might have some sperts of excitement though)

btw i dont consider the pats old (even tho i wish they were). and the patsvs bills nxt week ends in a tie
Feb 2009
Patriots 16-0 (also no joke)
Jets 11-5
Bills 8-8
Dolphins 6-10

Patriots win the Super Bowl, go 19-0, and silence the haters from the 18-1 ('07) season.
Sep 2011
You think the Patriots look old? I wish you were right(except for the fact that T. Brady, is my fantasy QB); I'm a NY'er, rooting against MA is in my blood, especially against NY. But I unfortunately don't agree with you. Tom Brady is on par to have his best season ever; he looks incredible, and the Patriots' offense is on fire. Both of their beast TE's are putting up big numbers, and Benjarvus Green Ellis, is averaging like 5 yards a carry, amd has 2 TD's. If the Pat's have a problem, it's with their D(which by the way, only has a few guys over 30). It's never really looked the same since they got rid of Richard Seymore. But that's partially because they have a bunch of young guys at LB, and a few at DE, that they've picked up in the last few years(because Belichick is the best in the league at restocking his team).

It's the Jet's that I'm a little worried about, their running game hasn't had the power and consistency it used too, really since Tomas Jones was overlooked(They could have had him for 5 mil). LT looks good when he gets opportunities, but they're,wisely, not overworking him early. But Shonn Greene worries me; he has 1 TD, and less than 3 yards a carry. If he can't produce, then the burden of success falls on Mark Sanchez. I like Sanchez, I really hope he develops. He looks really good, considering where he's at(people seem to forget, this is his 3rd year, after starting only 1 year in college). This is like a regular QB's sophomore season. But that being said, he's no Tom Brady, and even the Jet's defense hasn't quite looked like the Jet's D of old either(though they're obviously still a strong D).

My expectation is for the patriots to win the Division, and for the Jet's to win the Wild card. But after that, anything can happen. Rex Ryan has a 3-2 record over Belichick, including last years playoff win; so anything's possible.

PS I had to edit something in. I saw someone wrote that they though the Pat's were going to be 11-5. They musty be dreaming. Have you looked at the schedule? They play the Bills twice, the Raiders, The Giants, The Chiefs, The Colts, The Redskins, The Broncos, and the Dolphins(at home, in December), still this year. To put them at 11-5, you have to have them lose one of those games, or lose every difficult game they have left. Meaning The Jet's and the Cowboys are going to have to beat them at home, two weeks in a row. Then they're going to have to go to Pittsburgh, and lose again(the last time the Pat's had a losing streak of 3 or more games was in 2002). Then they would have to still lose, at Jets, and at Eagles(deep in the season, when Vick has been beat up even more) after that.

If you expect that, without there being an injury to Tom Brady, or a litany of injuries, to other key players, then you just don't know the NFL. 16-0 isn't impossible, though I never would say I expect it. But if you're rooting against the Patriots, my guess is, your best case scenario is that they go 13-3(12-4 if everything that could go wrong, save injuries, happens). My expectation is more like, 14-2, or 15-1. 16-0 is much more likely, 11-5. Hell, 16-0 is more likely than 12-4)
May 2008
Pats old? Without the addition of Ellis and Haynesworth I believe they have the youngest defense in the league. Once Haynesworth (who basically took 2 years off in Washington) and Ellis get in 100% game shape by week 5 against the Jets this league is going to see something that they have never seen before. A 19-0 superbowl champion. This offense is superior to the year Brady and Moss broke the TD records for QB's and receivers. This offense will break their own record for points scored in a season. Brady breaks his own record for passing Td's and the defense will be a beast by the 10th game of the season. Good luck NFL