Who will win the AFC South?

Feb 2009
With Peyton down. Who knows if he'll be 100% before it's too late. The AFC South is up for grabs. I think the Jacksonville Jaguars had a chance until they released David Garrard. So I'm going to take a guest and say HOUSTON TEXANS.
Jan 2008
Its the Texans' year.

The Colts were going to have a down year even with Manning, their players are starting to get old and they don't have that competitive edge they had a few years ago. Not sure how much time he is going to miss, but those neck things can be serious, so probably at least a month or two, if not the whole season

The Titans frontrunners in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes and any team will just have to put eight guys in the box every play because Chris Johnson is their only weapon and even he's not playing at the moment

I thought it was the Jags' year, but their owner would rather save a few bucksthan win. Luke McCown should NOT be a starting QB in this league.

The Texans have probably the best running back in the league in Foster, the best receiver in Andre Johnson, and a top-10 quarterback in Schaub. The only knock on them is that their defense is absolutely horrible.

Texans 9-7
Colts 8-8
Jags 6-10
Titans 3-13
May 2009
Eh, I will still go with the Colts.

People have been saying Texans for years, and they are never good enough. I think Manning will miss 3 games, the Colts will go 1-2 during that stretch. But then they will win enough to edge out Houston or JAX in the end.
May 2011
Jax had 1% or so chance with Garrard. That went to 0% when he got cut. Houston will easily dominate the division. No-brainer.
Sep 2011
I would agree that the Texans now have to be the prohibitive favorite, unless Manning makes a remarkable comeback, or the Texans struggle with injuries, bad luck, etc. It is not a strong division, and I don't expect the Colts to roll over and go 2-14 without Manning. I see them as maybe a .500 team. With a few breaks, they could contend as well.