Who will win the NFC South?

Jan 2009
Im a Falcons fan, and as well as weve been playin, it annoys me that we could finish 13-3 and not get a bye. ie beating the panthers and seahawks but losing to the saints. If this happened and the saints won their other 2 they could also finish 13-3. This would mean were tied on head to head and divisional records which means record in common games which i assume means our record against the AFC North and NFC West. I think that means if we beat the seahawks, the rams but lose to the saints wed still win the division but im not sure. Can anyone else confirm this?
Dec 2010
I am a saints fan. The Saints could beat you guys but still lose the division if you guys win 2 of the next three. We would have to hope you guys to love 2 games. Not going to happen. You will most likely get a bye.....dont worry about it
Dec 2010
Atlanta resident and fan.

According to the Yahoo Playoff Scenario Generator, if both teams finish 13 - 3, Atlanta will be the NFC South Division winner, and hence, the top seed in the NFC:


The final standings are shown on the right in the link. The playoff seedings are shown on the left. This will be the standings and seedings even if NO beats ATL, but otherwise both teams win out.
I am pretty sure that if the Falcons did lose to the Saints, then the Falcons would still win the NFC South. Think about it for a second. You are assuming that the Falcons win all of their other games except the Saints game for this scenario to be possible. The Saints would have to win out also. That would leave the Falcons and Saints as a 1-1 record against each other this year. They would have beaten the Bucs and Panthers twice.

The difference maker I believe would be the Falcons beating the Cardinals and Browns, two inferior teams that the Saints both lost to! I am pretty certain if all that were the case, the Falcons would still have the NFC South won.

The odds lean towards the Falcons anyway because for the rest of the season, the Saints have to play 3 playoff contending teams (Ravens, Falcons, Bucs), while the Falcons only have to worry about the Saints game in 2 weeks.