Who would you like to see the Atlanta Falcons pick up during the off-season?

Nov 2011
I know Desean Jackson might be a free agent. I know Osi Umenyiora might be available too. Think of all the people this year that want to leave there current team, both offence and defense!
Nov 2007
I doubt they would pick up Desean Jackson after drafting Julio Jones and having Roddy White. I dont know enough about Osi but dont the Falcons have John Abraham who is still very good. I think the Falcons will be more focused on getting positions where they have little depth because that is where it is best spent. The Falcons secondary is pretty solid, they could be getting more INT's but they have enough depth there. In the draft I think they should take a first-round linebacker. Good linebackers are hard to come by in free agency. 2nd round I think they should get an o-lineman, 3rd round they should get a runningback that can compliment michael turner. I don't think the Falcons will do much in free agency unless they lose some of their players.