Why are Minnesota Vikings on FOX vs Denver?


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Dec 4, 2011
the Sunday gm vs Broncos 4 the Vikings gm which is a home gm is on FOX, i was posative thar when an NFC team plays a AFC team & its at the NFC team site, its 4 sure on CBS, likewise if its at the AFC site, then its on FOX...but this is at the Metrodome in MINN, here in cleve it shows it on the tvguide chann as being on FOX, i am baffled, somebody please help shed some lite on this?


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Jan 9, 2009
It's because of NBC's Flex Scheduling.

You're right.. normally when an AFC teams visits an NFC team, the game is on CBS, and when an NFC team visits an AFC team, the game is on FOX.

And that's the way the Broncos at the Vikings game was originally scheduled.. on CBS. But it was changed because of the Sunday night game on NBC.

The Colts at Patriots game was originally scheduled to be the Sunday night game on NBC. Before the season started that looked like a great match up for an early December game.. but now... not so much.

The contract between the NFL and the TV networks has a clause called "Flex Scheduling." Starting with week 10, NBC has the right to replace a scheduled Sunday night game with another Sunday game that was previously scheduled for the afternoon. The purpose is to move a more meaningful game to the prime time slot, which benefits both NBC and the NFL.

NBC chose to replace the Colts at Patriots game with the Lions at Saints game.

Since that took away a FOX game from the afternoon and added a CBS game (Colts at Patriots), the league moved the Broncos at Vikings game to FOX to balance out the schedule.