why aren't the st.louis rams talked about more to moving to l.a does

Oct 2010
st.louis even care about them? how come more people don't talk more about the rams as a team moving to l.a can someone tell me this i heard a rams fan saying that st.louis could become a football town because the cardinals could be real bad next year and people in st.louis are real excited about the rams does st.louis love the rams that much can u guys explain this to me btw most people say its the chargers raiders or jags that will move
LA must not have cared about them too much either since that is where they were before which is not too long ago. Nobody wants to have a team in LA except the people who live in LA.
Feb 2008
Because they were already in LA once, and moved to St. Louis after the Cardinals moved to Arizona.
Not likely they will move back to where they came from.