why did the tampa bay buccaneers?


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Jul 30, 2011
why did they sign punter micheal koenon, for 19 million dollars. people talking shit to us bucs fans and i can't say shit back, i respect the GM of the bucs and i believe everything he does help this team but why pay so much for a punter they could have got so much cheaper.


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May 10, 2010
I assume they have put a lot of guaranteed money early on, and then they could always cut him after 3 or 4 years if his pay by then doesn't live up to his production. It's a pretty good signing though, with only him left as a quality punter in free agency, the Buccaneers had to pull the trigger, the one thing you don't want is to be in a playoff hunt and have a guy like Matt Dodge on your team.

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Dec 29, 2009
I like the guy they signed, but I don't like the price. But considering we got a great punter AND a great kickoff guy, it's like we're paying 1 player to get 2. It kind of makes sense if you think about it.
Another reason we paid so much is simply because we still need to spend a lot of money. The contract probably pays like 10m in the first year. lol
I can't understand at all why we didn't sign Doug Free. We definitely had the money. Our only needs were middle linebacker and right tackle. I guess we're planning to go offensive line in the draft next year. I think we sign Nick Barnett to a 1-year deal. He's got what we're looking for. He's experienced, can captain a defense, and is a pretty nasty hitter. I don't really like his attitude, but he's our only option. If Raheem Morris wants to accomplish his goal of winning the division, he better persuade Mark Dominik to get a temporary solution at MLB, because I seriously doubt Mason Foster will be ready right away.
I also think we should go for Kelly Gregg for another 1 year deal. Brian Price has been injured and is still developing. A great nose tackle like Kelly Gregg will definitely help the rest of that young line develop.
Remember, the salary floor has to be reached by the end of the year, so they're not going to sign people right away. There are going to be a lot of top-heavy contracts and 1 year contracts, because when guys like Josh Freeman, Mike Williams, LeGarrette Blount, etc. need their contracts extended, they're going to have to spend a lot to keep those guys.