Why do Cleveland Browns Fans love Josh Cribbs so much?


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Dec 11, 2011
Or really, why is he always looked at as the face of the Browns to the National media? I found it odd last week when they were advertising the Thursday Night Game and they said "Josh Cribbs and the Browns take on Big Ben and the Steelers!" and I was thinking: "Wait a minute... Josh Cribbs? Not Peyton Hillis? Not Colt McCoy?" WHY?! It doesn't make sense! He has done nothing that I can see to have garnered this much attention.

Someone please tell me why Josh Cribbs is even a relevant football player.
Number one: 1646 totals yards of offense over 7 years with only 9 touchdowns to show for it is NOT the best offensive player.

He has 10 return touchdowns, awesome. But I really don't see how people love him! He's just a wannabe Devin Hester! And Hester sucks!
What do you mean he has good potential? He's been playing SEVEN YEARS!


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Sep 7, 2007
Have you watched the Browns play over the past decade? Cribbs is the only guy that can make things happen out there. Sure Cribbs is a common on any other NFL team, but on a team like this ... he's Bette White ... "Hot In Cleveland"

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