Why do people under-estimate the Houston Texans?

Nov 7, 2009
I personally think that the texans used to suck. but i think that this year, they have a much better chance at playoffs. I believe the texans have a hard, but win-able schedule this year. And i think that they will have a playoff spot. i believe they will clinch their division.
Which they have a great defensive cord. now.


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Jan 1, 2008
we've seen this about 4 of the last 6 years. everyones saying "theyll make the playoffs this year". but they end up screwing up... they did it last year. they could have beaten the ravens when they came back in the 4th quarter with a 95 yard td drive, held and then a 99 td drive and what happens? they throw a pick and essentially kept themselves from going to the playoffs.

Lonesome Rhodes

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Jul 2, 2011
Because they have yet to show they are a legitimate contender. In 2009, Houston was 5-3 through 8 games but finished 9-7 and missed the playoffs. I believe that this will be the season they turn things around -- they're the best team in their division by default -- but until they do they won't get the respect they probably deserve.


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Mar 14, 2011
Not sure. They're looking pretty good this year and will likely win their division. I saw them play New Orleans in the preseason (at the Dome) and they looked incredible. Of course, New Orleans was playing it's entire 3rd and 4th string so...who knows?


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May 7, 2009
Because they had the same results for several years, with the same talent. Every year they are hyped, only to end up being average in the end.

However given that the Colts are not in the race this year ( barring a miracle) the Texans are obivously contenders this year.


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Jan 19, 2008
They still haven't won the big games yet. when they do they will be taken a lot more seriously. Their defense also has to show that it can keep the team in big games. I personally think they are a much more dangerous team than squads in the past.


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Oct 18, 2010
That's not true. The Texans are overestimated before every year thinking that each year is "their year". This time people are picking them again, but by default since Manning is out since that division is so weak.