Why is the Cleveland Browns having so much trouble scoring touchdowns?

Mar 16, 2011
Pat Shurmur was hired to install the West Coast Offense, which is supposed to score more touchdowns. But there offense appears to be as bad as last season or perhaps even worst.
I think the issue is with the Offensive Line.

They must draft a Right Tackle with one of their 2 First Round picks next season. They must also get a Running Back and Wide Receiver in the first 2 rounds.

3rd Round Pick Defensive End.

We have 2 4th round picks.
4a. Outside Linebacker
4b. Defensive Tackle
2 6th round picks
6a. Safety
6b. Outside Linebacker
7th Round Cornerback


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Sep 8, 2007
Browns are a pretty bad team....

Here's a riddle you can share with the rest of Ohio:
Q: What does Family Guy and the St. Louis Rams have in common?
A: They were both better than the Cleveland Show on Sunday.