Why is the NFC West so damn pathetic?

Jan 2008
I am so embarrassed the Lions defeat themselves and allowed the pathetic '9ers to win.

They will be exposed again in the post season when they get an early exit!

Again, I am sorry Bears, Packers, and Vikings for an NFC West team getting a victory over us.
Sep 2010
1. Exit Warner in St. Louis, enter Marc Bulger
2. Exit Garcia, enter Alex Smith
3. Madden curse blows up Alexander's knee; meanwhile, Hasselbeck turned into crap
4. Exit Warner in Arizona, enter carousel of incompetent QBs who would be a backup on a decent college team

All of this happened within a relatively short amount of time and the result is 4 teams caught in transition.
Oct 2007
They basically built all their teams the same which led to their eventual collapse.
The Rams, Cardinals, and Seahawks had depended on their veteran QB's to lead their teams. Bulger started to play bad, Warner retired, and Hasselbeck was always hurt so they moved on.
49ers have Smith but he is a bust so their is no leadership on any team in the NFC West.

When you rely on older players to play great the team will eventually fail when they are too old to be productive.
Sep 2011
The NFC West used to be a fine division. During the early 2000's?

Seahawks with Hasselbeck and Alexander, 49ers with Garcia and Owens, Rams with Warner, Bruce, Holt, and Faulk. The Cardinals haven't been good except for 2008-09 when Warner was their QB.

The division just so happens to have 4 teams trying to rebuild at the same time.
Sep 2007
I don't get it, why do you say that the NFC West is so damn pathetic when it is the Lions who defines the word "suck"? If the NFC West is sooooo damn pathetic then why has a team from the NFC West represented the NFC in the Super Bowl three times out of the last 10 years? How many times have your Lions been to the Super Bowl? What? None? How pathetic!

You're such an idiot, Bears, Packers, and Vikings don't want your apology. They're all laughing at your silly @$$ and your pu$$y of a coach. Just as any Bears, Packer, or Vikings fan and they'll tell you that they're laughing at the Lions losing.

HAHA! You big dummy, Yahoo deleted your follow-up question directed toward me! Nice job trolling and nicer job bandwagoning.

There is one person responsible for the somewhat success that two NFC North teams (not including the Lions) have had during the last 2 decades and that person is Brett Favre. I'm sure you Lions fans remember him. Yes, the same Brett Favre who handed your pathetic Lions 2 losses every single year for the past 2 decades. If not for Favre over the past 2 decades, the NFC North would be as pathetic as the WNBA.