Will Andy Dalton make it in the nfl as a starting qb for the Cincinnati Bengals? I

say no what do you think? Ok Nothing Agains Andy Dalton but he is no where in Carson Palmers league at this point in his rookie career. Palmer and the bengals won I think 5 games last year. So you replace Palmer with a guy who is not half as talented for one or even half as experienced in nfl play and you expect that they will win more games than they did last year. lol what a joke.

Andy dalton if he starts will have to play the baltimore ravens D twice and the Steelers twice not to mention they play the colts nasty D this year also. The only game I see the bengals winning this year is maybe 1 game against the browns when cedric benson has a real good game. Other than that this team is in absolute trouble. Andy dalton if he plays this season will have all of the fans in Cincinnati demanding his head after this season. He will have a very short nfl career. If the bengals really want him as their new franchise qb then they must find a veteran qb for dalton to learn under this year. Someone like mcnabb for example.

This is not a good situation for dalton. I know he is excited about being a starting qb in the nfl but so was akili smith and so was david klingler and so was carson palmer. After the bengals finish 1-15 this year all the cincy fans are going to be crying for palmer to come back and all of the ticket sales will drop and mike brown will either bring back palmer or waist yet another 1st round pick on a qb that he will be unable to do anything with except completely mess his career up.

My question is how long do you think andy dalton will last in the nfl as a starting qb for the bengals? I say one year if he is lucky what do you think?