Will the Afc North have three teams in the playoffs?

Mee Wee

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Dec 11, 2011
So in the Afc the Patriots, Baltimore, will be fighting for homefeild and that first round bye. So 1 and 2 are going to them. The Texans (if they win out don't know there schedule) will most likely get the 3rd because they have the tiebreaker with the steelers. Which leaves the steelers with the 4th seed the Broncos are looking to get the 5th seed. So will the Bengals will get the sixth seed or is it going to be the titans, radiers, or chargers?
Sorry the Broncos will have the 4th seed due to winning the division so that will move the Steelers to 5th leaving the last spot to either the Bengals, Titans, Raiders, or Chargers
Aug 22, 2011
actually its not the patriots/ravens fighting for 1st or 2nd seeds and you know nothing about how the seeding works steelers can't get the 4th if ravens get the 1st 2nd or 3rd because that would make them a WILD CARD team and be the 5th seed they can move no higher unless the ravens lose. as of now the patriots and texans have top 2 seeds with the exception of the steelers game putting them at 10-3 with everyone else's games unplayed
Jan 25, 2009
go Broncos!! I'm rooting for Denver to win it all. I then want Tebow to hit Elway over the head with the Lombardi trophy but I know he wouldn't do it

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