Will the Cincinnati Bengals go 0-16 this year?

Aug 2011
And maybe even 0-4 in the presason? They will probably have more ARRESTS than TOUCHDOWNS. I mean, the offense is just soooooooooooo out of sync. the players have no clue what do to. but let me start on defense. they lost a pro bowl worthy corner (Jonathan Joesph), have no depth at safety, they have two no-names at linebacker besides maulauga, who has shown some promise, they don't have Keith Rivers until mid season, and most of the defense is injury prone anyway, besides Leon Hall but who knows.....

And don't get me started on the offense, i just wanna puke thinking about it. AJ Green will be meaningless because they have no quarterback throwing to him. Andy Dalton played in a Spread system in college, and I don't think it will translate to the pros. I mean, his first pass in the NFL was picked off. Don't tell me that Brett Favre's first pass was picked because that won't make me feel any better. Ced Benson is getting old. They have no depth behind Benson. They have a promising wide receiver core, but it will be meaningless if they just get overthrown all the time. They have a promising tight end with Jermaine Gresham, but no depth behind him. The offense line is GARBAGE, with the exception of Andrew Whitworth and maybe Bobbie Williams. And most people forget this, the bungles don't have good special teams and no good kick returners. Jesus, where is PAUL BROWN when you need him? I want the pre-1992 bengals back!!!!!
Jul 2011
This bunch of clowns would struggle to reach .500 in the Ohio Athletic Conference. If they defeat any team in the regular season, that club should be relegated to the arena league.
Jan 2011
Last yr the Carolina Panthers were dreadful. I didn't think they would win a game. The Bengals have become the THUGS of the NFL and I can't blame anyone who would want to leave (Palmer). Andy Dalton is an intelligent QB but a rookie on a team with poor leadership from the top just might lead to an 0-16 season. I would love to see it!