Will the Indianapolis Colts intentionally lose to Jacksonville?

Nov 2009
Losing the game will insure that the Colts will receive the #1 Pick in the NFL Draft. What do you think they will do? Please explain.
They may lose, but not intentionally. Player's jobs will be on the line. Caldwell's job will likely be on the line. The GM's job is on the line. And so on. Keep in mind, it also makes sense for Jacksonville to intentionally lose. They lose to Peyton for the last 14 years and do they want to lose to Luck for the next 14 years? Plus losing for them would also mean higher draft picks.

I don't think any team intentionally loses except when it was something like where they have the first slot in the playoffs wrapped up like the Colts did when they were 14-0. And that wasn't as much a case of intentionally losing as it was resting the starters so they didn't risk them being injured for the Super Bowl run. For example Freeney being injured in the Super Bowl might have cost them the win against the Saints.

Players, the coach, and the GM don't want to lose even when it means getting a first round draft pick. Because it means losing their jobs. And the higher the draft pick is, the more likely it is that they'll lose their job either because they had a bad record or because they are getting replaced by someone more talented.
Sep 2010
No way. Teams don't just throw games like that. Some teams give up a little depending on the circumstances, but teams NEVER intentionally try to lose.