Will the Minnesota Vikings tryout Joe Webb this season?


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Sep 24, 2009
Christian Ponder has had a few rough games and last year joe Webb was a pretty good qb towards the end of the season. If the Vikings keep losing I can't help but think about Joe Webb getting a shot at qb. He's a great athlete and it makes me sick that he's been on the sidelines this whole season.
I'm not saying they need to bench Ponder for good. I just think that towards the end of the season they should give Joe Webb a try maybe in like a fourth quarter if they're done by a substantial amount of points just to see what he's got.
There's no reason too. The Vikings aren't winning because they aren't good.

Ponders been doing better then excepted at starting QB and like it or not he's your QB of the future. Benching him now would be about pointless.

Webb's a black Tebow in my eyes. He's a former reciever with a awkward throwing motion, but has the ability to extend plays.

You won't win anymore with Webb than you would Ponder.

I will say he's the 2nd best QB on the Vikings since McNabbs career is done.


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Sep 8, 2007
Ponder has been doing very well and the coaches like him and it is very unlikely that Webb will start unless in garbage time or in a rout or if ponder is injured


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Jun 24, 2009
Nah, their mistake wasn't in drafting Ponder. It was in signing McNabb. You never dump a rookie QB because he's had a few rough games. Even Cam Newton has imploded a couple times recently.

I do think Webb should be given a shot to start somewhere, but not with a team that has committed itself in last year's draft. I'm a Skins fan and I'd love to see what he could do. Of course, most Skins fans are up for just about anyone besides Curtis Painter.