With Newton's impressive start and the entire NFC South 0-1 is there hope...

Sep 2011
To win the Super Bowl, hell no, but to maybe win the division, possibly. The Wild Card playoffs, YES! I definitely think that they will make the Wild Card at least.
Nov 2010
Newton has played one game against a crap team. No they do not have a chance. They won't win 5 games.
Jan 2009
No they are in one of the toughest divisions, I think they can only win about 6 games at the most
Jan 2011
yes theres hope but it should be taken away by the saints and atlanta, panthers lack defense even if cam had a phenomenal season hell be in ashoot out every week


Jan 2008
possibly, but people always overreact in football. people act like pre season actually matters. hell, a week 1 win and a team or player is a god where pre season, people were bagging on them... the bears to name one. and vise versa. people say a team are super bowl favorites and completely whiff game one and everyone jumps off the bandwagon... the falcons.