wtf happened to the st. louis rams tonight!?!?!?

What happened was failed conversions and costly mistakes.If the rams had turned those early drives down the field into touchdowns and not field goals, they could have easily stayed in it...but they didn't. Their mistakes were also detrimental. The only reason the giants got up in that first half was all the turnovers, otherwise their playing was hardly decent. I honestly think the rams definitely outplayed the giants at several points in the game, it was just their mistakes that cost them the win. The giants were able to take advantage of those mistakes and turn them into points, which got them the win.

On another note, SO GLAD THE GIANTS DIDN'T THROW THIS ONE AWAY AS WELL. Still have a lotttt of work to do though. :/
Nothing, really, they're just a bad team. The whole NFC West is populated by bad teams. If you have a running back who thinks he can go grab some Gatorade right after he drops a lateral, you can't win.